6th Annual Mother’s Day Award Event

Saturday, May 6th, 2003

We heard a warm welcome by Lilias Edwards-Douglas, Vice President of PAJACAM, followed by the invocation, which was given by Bishop Eric Garnes.

We then heard from the Master of Ceremony, Mr. Jose Brereton, after which Kendra Reyes gave a beautiful dance presentation. Following Ms. Reyes’s beautiful dance presentation, we heard Alicia Williams sing with her wonderful voice.


The awards were then given out, beginning with Delva Esther Brown, who won the Mother of the Year award. Ms. Brown is a native of Panama City, and is both secretary and an all-around mother who has helped other (not just her own) in many, many ways.

The next honoree was Imogene Dosita Wilson Bryan, who also won the Mother of the Year award. Ms. Bryan is from Panama, and has been a community activist for a number of years. She is also the Founder of the National Association of Panamanian Educators (NAPE), which she established to creating and implementing educational opportunities for Panamanians, Panamanian-Americans, and others residing in the United States and Panama.

Silvia Y. Lavalas, a native of Colon, Republic of Panama, won the Community Services Award. Ms. Lavalas is a political activist in Central Brooklyn and a member of Community Board 17 and the Education Committee of CB-17, and also an active member of the Crown Heights-Flatbush community, where she is an active advocate for children, particularly in the area of education.

The last honoree for the evening was Dorotea Small, Colon, Republic of Panama, and winner of the Community Service Award. Ms. Small is a member of the Day of the Independence of Panamanians in New York (DICPNY), as well as a member of the Panamanian Civic Committee of the Canarsie Community Council.

The PAJACAM 2003 Scholarship Award was then given to two youth students by Veronica Russell-Thorpe, Scholarship Panel Member.

After the award ceremony, we heard more singing presentations by Alice Tan Riddley, well-known Gospel Singer and Kali, well known singer from Panama, who did several songs and had the crowd dancing on the dance floor.

Closing remarks were given by the PAJACAM President, Selwin D. King.

Bishop Eric Garnes, who gave the invocation, also gave the benediction.

Despite the snow, there was a good turnout, and the event was very successful.

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