From the President of P.A.J.A.C.A.M.:

It is our belief that Education is the key to success. Therefore, by keeping the doors open to those who by and large would otherwise be dependent on the system, the student will now become an asset to their community.

From the P.A.J.A.C.A.M. Board of Directors:

We believe that to empower the community we must provide the means or assistance to students, whom due to financial restrains might not be able to continue the educational goals or career.

From our scholarship recipients:

Alvin Donaldson
“I’m honored and extremely grateful to PAJACAM for offering me this generous scholarship. It has helped me tremendously as I pursue my arduous, yet self-fulfilling educational goals. This scholarship has helped me purchase books and materials that are necessary for the upcoming semester and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

I will be graduating in the spring of 2018. I will further my education my receiving my master’s degree in healthcare management and another master’s degree in nursing. I plan to pursue a career in healthcare management and hopefully become a CEO of a hospital or any medical organization. Once again, thanks to you, I am one step closer to achieving my goal. “

Alvin Donaldson New York grant recipient

Kara Johnson
I am happy for this means or assistance in order to be able to continue my educational goals.


Kara Johnson New York grant recipient

Tanisha F. McClean
I am so honored and thankful to PAJACAM for their contribution to my education. This definitely will assist me in achieving my goals.


Tanisha F. McClean Panamanian Scholarship recipient