Templo Calvario Christian Center

The Templo Calvario Christian Center was founded on November 20, 1968 and its located on 7th Street and Central in Colon, Republic of Panama. Currently the senior pastor is Rev. Ricardo L. Alleyne and his wife Marva Alleyne they have directed this church for the past 14 years.


Apostle Alleyne and his wife

The Templo Calvario has a 1000+ membership. Under the leadership of Rev. Alleyne and his wife they have founded several oureach minitries, that impact Colon city, such as: The Good Shepherd Academic Center, The Noah’s Ark Day Care Center, Templo Calvario’s Interdenominational Ministerial School, Soup Kitchens, Shaboc Restaurant, Shaboc Rehabilitation and Resocialization Center: Estereo Abalanza, Mercy House, Golden Hands Ministry, Youth and Children’s Ministries, Toy Bank and the School Implemented Bank.

  Apostle Alleyne and his wife have worked extensively with the street youth gangs in the city of Colon and have gained their deep respect. They also direct a tough jail ministry (men, women and youths).

This ministry has been known for its deep interest in the wellbeing of people, especially the children and the youths. Both of them have reared already over seven hundred youngsters.


The Good Shepherd Academic Center


The Noah’s Ark Day Care Center


Templo Calvario’s Interdenominational Ministerial School

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