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PAJACAM, Inc. Friends of the Bella Vista Girls Home is a nonprofit organization created to addressing human services as is economic, social and medical needs of local and international organizations.

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Founded in 1998, the organization has supported the Bella Vista Girls Home in Panama, City, Panama, and the Sickle Cell Trust Council in Mona, Jamaica WI. Templo Calvario Christian Center in Colon, Panama is another organization that benefits from our organization, PAJACAM.Inc. In addition, we support college students with Scholarship Programs.
For over twenty years, PAJACAM has been serving the underserved and extending our services providing scholarships, supporting our local community, and providing unconditional support wherever is a need. We are grateful for your support and donations also continue supporting our annual fundraising gala and dinner dance December 8, 2018.
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Executive Board

Selwyn D. King – President
Patricia E. Roper – Corporate Secretary
Lekeisha Dawkins – Recording Secretary
Georgina Guevara – Assistant Recording Secretary
Donna Brown – Assistant Treasurer

Board Members

Lekeisha Dawkins – Administrative Coordinator
Howa Jalloh – Administrative Coordinator
Patricia Roper – Scholarship Coordinator
Ivonne Thomas – Assistant Scholarship Coordinator
Myrna Atherly
Curtis King
Patricia Muir
Patricia N. Parris
Sayonara Romelis
Juan Tud
Candelaria Wright

Board Liaisons

Rev. Nelson Edwards
Delia Henry
Luis Roberto McLean
Lifetime Members
Victor Anderson
George Goddard

Founding Members

Merle Clarke
Selwyn King
Carmelita Smith

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