We believe that to empower the community we must provide assistance to students, with financial restrains to continue the educational goals or career.


Board of Directors

“I’m honored and extremely grateful to PAJACAM for offering me this generous scholarship. It has helped me tremendously as I pursue my goals.

Alvin Donaldson

New York grant recipient

I am so honored and thankful to PAJACAM for their contribution to my education. This definitely will assist me in achieving my goals.

Tanisha F. McClean

Panamanian scholarship recipient

Education is the key to success. Therefore, we need to keep the doors open to those who can become asset to their community.

Selwyn D. King

President of P.A.J.A.C.A.M.

As Khadijah was away at college the PAJACAM's scholarship check was presented to her mother on her behalf by the Scholarship Coordinator.

Khadijah Donald

2005 Scholarship recipient

I am very excited for PAJACAM's assistance thorough this scholarship in order for me to be able to continue my future educational goals.

Kara Johnson

New York grant recipient

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