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The mission of the PAJACAM Scholarship Program is to assist college bound students in their educational pursuit. Keeping in mind an optimistic view, that their educational achievement will ultimately trickle down and enrich the community.

It is our belief that Education is the key to success.   Therefore, by keeping the doors open to those who by and large would otherwise be dependent on the system, the student will now become an asset to their community.

Grant awards
PAJACAM will provide four partial Scholarship Grants. Two Grants are slated for New York and two intended for Panama. These awards will be presented at the Annual December Gala event.

Selection process
PAJACAM has assembled an independent panel, comprised of educators and community leaders to oversee the selection process, and ensure an impartial and fair selection of candidates. We believe that to empower the community we must provide the means or assistance to students, whom due to financial restrains might not be able to continue the educational goals or career.

To request a scholarship review the criteria and fill the application form below.


Friends of the Bella Vista Girls Home Scholarship Program


1. No relatives of PAJACAM, Inc. or the Independent panel is eligible to apply for the scholarship grants.

2. The candidate must have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 and higher.

3. The candidate must submit their final transcript along with their report cards for the fall semester of 2018.

4. The candidate should submit along with their fall semester report cards, an essay of 150 words ormore describing why they would like to attend college and what their future goals are.

5. If available please submit a resume with employment or community service work.

6. The maximum household income should be no more than $55,000.00.

Note to the candidate:

1. You must at all times exhibit and maintain good conduct in school and community.

2. Once the recipient finalizes their college choice, a check will be written to the appropriate college.

3. If the recipient drops out of college, the recipient must reimburse PAJACAM, Inc. in full.

4 If misuse of the scholarship fund is discovered, PAJACAM, Inc. will seek the assistance of a collection agency to recover the funds.

Scholarship Program Application form

Fill out the form or contact us :
Attn: Scholarship Coordinator
Scholarship Fund
224-21 Merrick Boulevard, PMB 1090
Laurelton, New York 11413-2024

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